Boyes Turner wall graphics

A law firm located in Reading, called Boyes Turner, wanted wall graphics designed to add a fresh, informative and interesting touch to their numerous client and staff meeting rooms. For this project, I worked as part of a group. The overall concept for this project is based on what we feel is the focal point of Boyes Turner – people. We developed three concepts that we went on to pitch:

  1. Type based wall graphics focussing on staff hobbies and interests. Using data collected from staff profiles we split this into categories, such as film, music and sport.
  2. Data mapping using data collected about the location of clients and where staff studied. The central point of the map is Boyes Turner’s head office in Reading, the red lines represent staff and the black lines represent clients.
  3. Branded lighting using data collected about the number of employees in each of the different sectors of the company. The stripes represent this data in the three infographics: (from left to right) the first contains all sectors of the company, the second contains only the business sector and the final contains the claims sector.

Staff Room prototypeMeeting Room 1 prototypeMeeting Room 2 – Lights on prototype